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We deliver know-how, solutions, skills and services for your management to handle international business operations. We help your company to be successful in new markets like Europe and U.S.A.
Whether you are starting a new business, plant, service, office or operation, managing more locations, or you're looking for sales-partners or customers, that means that your team needs an extraordinary amount of support and know-ledge.
Deciphering what kind of go to market strategy should be established, and how to be sure it’s in compliance with local laws. Determining how the new operation should be set up for talent and location purposes. Running day-to-day operations, like bookkeeping and payroll, talent recruiting and working together with the headquarter. Deciding whether to hire independent contractors or employees... 
The list is endless, and issues arise across all departments.  
To protect both, you need to quickly learn about local business practices and avoid expensive regulatory or reputational mistakes. Your company needs the expertise to rise to the occasion without getting overwhelmed by the details.

We support you with our power of bright business knowledge in the U.S. and Europe!